Thursday, 22 November 2012

Wind and rain, coughs and colds!

It has been a gusty day today with a lot of rain thrown into the mix. My little granddaughter who arrived here to stay for a week bringing a cough with her has quite a nasty cold. She hasn't got the hang of blowing her nose just yet and insists on sniffing her way through the day!

Anyway, when we had a dry hour we managed to wrap,up warm and get out of doors for a good walk with her dolly in the pushchair so I think that blew some cobwebs away. Then we made some gingerbread men which were not quite Masterchef standard but munchable all the same.

All in all its been a lovely day but I do miss my craft. I normally go to craft class on a Thursday afternoon but wasn't able to get there this week. Not because of Lola really but because hubby took the big car to work because of the expected rain leaving me with the sports car which I wouldn't take her out in.

I could craft at night once she is tucked up in bed but my oh my.... I am exhausted!!!

Off to bed pretty soon so night everyone. See you tomorrow!


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