Sunday, 11 December 2011

These are the cards I made for my little grandchildren.  The cut files are from Shirley Young's Cards and inside there is a insert to which I added text and in Lola's card, I put in a little line drawing of Looby Lou and in Ethan's card, I put a little robot!  I used my Black Cat Cougar which enables me to print and cut..... fab machine... every serious crafter should have one!!  I would have made more of the cards - perhaps mounted them onto something else with more decoration but I am nursing a viral infection and was getting too tired... just wanted to get them done!!  Hope you like them......


  1. They look great Carol - hope Ethan an Lola like them

  2. Hi Shirley!! Thanks for popping by. I thought you were maybe still away I didn't ping you to tell you they were done. I gave Lola hers yesterday.... she was thrilled!! Ethan will love it... he is very excited about anything Christmassy!

    Thanks again Shirley and Happy Christmas to you!!

    Take care
    Carol xx


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