Sunday, 9 October 2011

A very busy few weeks.... but now complete!

I have hardly had time to breathe lately and my house has been completely upside down.  Still, it was all very worth it because my craft room is now up and running and I am more than pleased with it.  I have filled every cupboard, drawer and shelf with goodies and still could have done with more storage space!  I have a fabulous carousel in each of the corner cupboards which has made very good use of the space available.  The drawers are fantastic and I have carefully arranged everything - tidy at the moment!  I love my paper shelves and can at last see what colours/textures I have and had a really good sort out whilst I was filling the shelves... I have so many things I had forgotten about and I must admit, there are some things that I have no clue how to use!  The ceiling light is wonderful - it's an Actulite and manufactured with the medical world in mind.  It's a very bright, white light so no matter what time I am crafting, I can see my colours accurately.  Hope you like it :)

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  1. Hi Carol
    I love, love, love your new craft room. Great job! I was wondering where you bought the ceiling light you mentioned. I have been looking for something like that for a while now.Thanks!


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