Sunday, 9 October 2011

My craft room - FINISHED!!

The 'machine' end.  The electricians have used trunking to neatly hide most of the wires.  I thought I would only fill two of the shelves but no.... I have no room left!  The middle shelf is full of wood mounted rubber stamps.  One of my drawers has all my unmounted rubber stamps.... hundreds of them!

I love my papers shelves.  At last I can select the right colour without getting reams and reams of paper out.

The venetian blinds have added a lovely touch.  They match the wallpaper very well and I can adjust the incoming light really well to create different moods.  The ceiling light is fantastic - it's designed for medical purposes like operating theatres or dentists and is a bright white light so I can true colour match at any time of night or day!

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